LED Channels, also called LED Extrusions , LED Profiles , LED Diffuser Channel , Aluminum LED Channel, LED Profile Light, LED Strip Channel or LED Strip Diffusers are an excellent method to protect and display LED Strip Lights.

An LED strip light installed without an aluminum channel is like a plain light-bulb installed in a socket, it needs a cover to make it look aesthetically pleasing


LED strip channel includes channel body, light diffuser, end caps, and mounting brackets. The channel body is made of anodized aluminum or silicone . Light diffuser is made of PC or PMMA. End caps and mounting brackets can be made of PC or metal.

Aluminum profiles designed for LED strips offer multiple installation options: they can be affixed to surfaces using clips or screws, embedded within drywall, millwork, shelves, cabinets, and similar structures, or suspended from the ceiling using aircraft cable in a pendant mounting configuration. These aluminum channels are usually accompanied by a set of endcaps, mounting accessories, and a lens, enhancing their versatility and practicality

why use aluminum led channel for led strip light 2


Chossing LED aluminum channels for interior lighting decoration offers unique aesthetics, effective heat dissipation, protective features, even light distribution, and easy installation and maintenance. Depending on individual needs and preferences, different shapes and styles of LED profile channels can be selected to achieve the desired indoor lighting effects.