Product Quality Commitment

1. The product manufacturing process and testing have quality records and testing data.

2. For the testing of product performance, we sincerely welcome you to visit the company for the whole process and full performance inspection. After the product is confirmed, it will be packaged and shipped.

Delivery Commitment

Product delivery: according to user requirements, if there are special requirements and need to be completed in advance, our company can specially organize production and installation, and strive to meet the demands of users.

Product Price Commitment

1. In order to ensure high reliability and advancement of the products, the materials of the system adopt domestic and overseas brand products with excellent reputation.

2. Under the same competitive conditions, our company will provide you with the best price at the best price without reducing the technical performance of the products and changing the parts of the products.

After-Sales Service Commitment

Service Tenet: fast, decisive, accurate, considerate and complete.

Service Goal: service quality wins customer satisfaction.

Service Principle: If there is abnormal quality or complaints from customers, our company will communicate timely and properly handle subject to the principle of customer first.