45 degree corner LED profile as main lighting: Through the 45-degree tilt angle design, the large-size lighting fixture maximizes light distribution and coverage, providing an efficient and comfortable main light source for any indoor environment.

Big size corner LED strip channel as main lighting: the best choice for modern home lighting, using the 45 degree angle design to achieve wide light coverage, ensuring that the interior space is bright, warm and modern.


45 degree angle LED linear light as ceiling main lighting: Line lights with unique angles and large-area lighting effects are designed to provide excellent lighting performance for indoor spaces, combining beauty and practicality.

The following are the characteristics and advantages of indoor big size aluminum LED profile.

“Uniform lighting effect”
45 degree line light design provides uniform and glare-free lighting, ensuring that every corner can be well covered by light, improving the overall brightness of the room.

“Unique 45 degree angle design”
Through the innovative design of the 45 degree angle, this line light can maximize the light coverage, making the light more natural and comfortable.

“Modern minimalist aesthetics”
The simple and elegant appearance design enables the big size Led profile light to perfectly integrate into various modern home styles and enhance the visual effect of the space.

“Energy-saving efficiency”
Using advanced LED technology, this line light has excellent energy efficiency performance while providing high-brightness lighting, helping to reduce energy consumption.

“Multi-scene application”
The large 45-degree line light suitable for various scenes such as living rooms, restaurants, offices, etc. can be used as both main lighting and decorative lighting, with diverse functions.


45 degree corner LED strip light profile as main lighting: modern lighting solution, with a unique 45 degree angle design, providing uniform and soft light, suitable for the following lighting scenes:

“Main lighting for modern living rooms”
As the main light source for living rooms, linear lights not only provide uniform and bright lighting effects, but also add a modern and stylish touch to the entire space.

“Lighting choices for elegant restaurants”
Using linear lights as the main lighting in restaurants provides warm and sufficient light for the dining area, creating a comfortable and pleasant dining atmosphere.

“Efficient lighting for open offices”
Linear lights provide efficient lighting in open office environments, ensuring that each work area can get sufficient light, improving work efficiency and comfort.

“Warm main light source for bedrooms”
Install linear lights in bedrooms to provide soft and uniform light, creating a warm and relaxing resting environment.

“Modern lighting for corridors and aisles”
Linear lights are used in corridors and aisles to provide sufficient lighting to ensure walking safety, and enhance the modern feel of the space through simple design.


A new trend in modern home lighting, the big size aluminum LED profile as main lighting not only has efficient lighting functions, but can also be easily integrated into various decoration styles to meet your personalized needs.