In modern design, channel lighting has become an very important step in the design of a space by producing different lighting effects through light. Nowadays the most popular is the lighting without seeing the source and light, without traces, also known as indirect lighting, usually through LED strip diffusers in the strip, illuminating walls or ceilings, etc.. But we commonly use ordinary light strips, there are often some poor lighting problems, now on the market frameless aluminum LED profiles are a good solution to these problems.

The LED aluminium profile uses SMD LEDs welded to the aluminum substrate to make the strip dissipate heat well under long-term working conditions. LED aluminium profile can also be installed according to the actual installation and heat dissipation requirements, easy to install and increase the heat dissipation area, Led aluminium profile is generally installed through screw holes or buckles on the desired application. If it is installed in high humidity and high dust environment, the surface can also be treated with glue or dustproof, so this is an advantage of LED aluminium profile.


Due to the soft and delicate light strip, the luminous flux of the lamp itself is not high, shading the sunlight closer, often jagged or not far away, unable to produce the effect. But LED aluminum channel completely solves the problem of ordinary LED channeling.

  1. LED aluminum channel overall molding.

Light body using die-casting high-quality aluminum, not easy to deformation, good heat dissipation, good heat resistance. It can meet the needs of long-term use, LED aluminum channel can prevent oxidation, lasting non-discoloration.

  1. PVC led diffusers.

Using high light-transmitting polyvinyl chloride material, the surface of no light source granularity, no jagged, light uniform diffusion so that the light is softer, better lighting effect.

  1. Uniform distribution of lamp beads.

The internal use of super bright crystal element chip, uniform distribution of hundreds of lamp beads per meter, uniform light, but also to make the best light effect, there will be no ordinary light band is not far, can not produce the effect.

  1. Aluminum LED channel various specifications for different needs.

Ceiling LED strip channel: both sides of aluminum LED channel for horizontal surface, suitable for installing ceiling wall, can make the line in the space to spread.

45 degree led profile: aluminum led channel both sides downward angle, suitable for corner installation, can make the space to pull out the light out of the gap.

Recessed led channel: both sides of aluminum led channel upward tension angle, also suitable for wall installation, can be embedded in the wall gap.

Half corner led diffuser channel: only one side of the led aluminum channel is suitable for single can be used in combination according to space needs.

The above content, hope aluminum channel led strip light have more understanding. If you want to let the art of light into your home and enrich your light environment, aluminum channel for led strips will be a good choice for you!