1. What is a double eyelid ceiling LED linear light?

Double eyelid ceiling LED linear light is a kind of decorative lighting fixture, usually used in home decoration or commercial places. Its design feature is that the bottom of the lamp has an adsorption function, which can be directly adsorbed on various smooth surfaces, such as ceilings, walls or furniture, making installation easy and flexible. Double-eyelid ceiling LED strip channel generally use LED light sources, which have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and long life. Due to its slender shape, it can be used as decorative lighting, creating a soft and even light effect and adding to the beauty of the space.

2. Why use double-eyelid ceiling linear lights to install on the ceiling lighting?

The following are some advantages of double eyelid ceiling LED channel diffuser:

2.1. Reduce glare: The double-eyelid ceiling light line lamp has an anti-glare design, reducing eye fatigue and discomfort.

2.2. Soft light: The line lights use soft LED light sources, which are not dazzling and can create a comfortable lighting environment.

2.3. Energy-saving and efficient: LED light sources are energy-saving and efficient, and are more energy-saving than traditional lamps.

2.4. Uniform lighting: The linear light design distributes the light source evenly, which can provide a more uniform lighting effect.

2.5. Beautiful design: The linear lights have a stylish and beautiful appearance and can be used as decorative lighting.

2.6. Environmentally friendly and healthy: LED light source has no ultraviolet and infrared radiation and is harmless to the human body and the environment.

2.7. Long life: LED light sources have a long life, with a service life of tens of thousands of hours, reducing the frequency and cost of replacing bulbs.

2.8. Easy to install: Line lights are easy to install and can be quickly installed on a variety of surfaces.


Extrusion aluminum LED profile Double-eyelid ceiling lighting is becoming more and more popular, which improves the visual beauty of interior decoration and gives people the feeling of not seeing the light.
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