What is a Double eyelid Led Linear Light ?

“Double eyelid LED Linear Light” is a creative latest hot-selling product, which refers to a uniquely designed LED strip channel whose shape or function is related to double eyelids or eye contours. This lamp has soft light and a modern feel , designed to add beauty to indoor spaces.

Why use double eyelid line lamp?

Using double eyelid line lights has the following advantages:

Decorative effect: The double eyelid line lamp has a unique design, which can add modernity and uniqueness to the indoor space and become the focus of decoration.

Soft lighting: This type of lamp usually uses LED technology to provide soft and even lighting effects, which can improve the comfort and atmosphere of the indoor environment.

Energy saving and environmental protection: LED channels are generally more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly, and have a longer service life than traditional lamps, so choosing LED channel diffuser is also a sustainable choice.

Space saving: Double eyelid line lights are usually designed in a thin and long shape and are installed on the ceiling without occupying floor space, which can effectively save space.

In general, the use of double-eyelid line lights can simultaneously achieve multiple effects such as decorative effects, comfortable lighting, energy saving and environmental protection, and effectively prevent glare, achieving the effect of seeing light but not seeing lights.

How to install ceiling double eyelid line lights?

The following steps are usually required:

1. Determine the installation location: Determine the installation location of the ceiling double eyelid line light according to the design requirements and actual needs.

2. Install the ceiling bracket: According to the design of the lamp, install the ceiling bracket to ensure that the bracket is stable and reliable.

3. Connect the wires: Connect the wires of the lamp to the power cord, making sure the connection is correct and secure.

4. Test: After the installation is completed, turn on the power and test whether the lamp is working properly.

5. Fixing: Finally, use screws or other fixing items to fix the lamp to ensure safety and reliability.

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