With the widespread use of diffused LED strip, LED channel is playing an important role as one of the main decoration materials. Because of its good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, aluminum LED strip channel has been widely used in modern construction. LED channel diffuser is available in many different material sizes and shapes and can be flexibly added to your building. There are many types of aluminum LED channels, which can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes.

In reality, aluminum LED channels have high thermal conductivity and can therefore be used for diffused LED strips, it also has good transparency. Other properties include high strength and durability, long life and high customizability as well as ease of assembly. diffused LED strip is operated under outdoor light when generating heat and keeping the surrounding space warm. Since LED diffusers can be damaged over longer periods of time, it is necessary to ensure that the LED strip light strip maintains a good luminous flux as well as a guarantee for the life of the luminaire. But it is not easy to install – especially during the installation of lighting fixtures that require maintenance and repair as well as their replacement.

Although LED strip diffusers offer many alternative materials with their excellent characteristics, they still have limitations in buildings, so they are easy to install and maintain, look good, are low cost, require less maintenance and more quantity, and require custom construction rather than using traditional architectural aluminum or other materials.


Commercial channel lighting is rare in most areas, but the use of LED lights with diffuser in these applications can help save energy and space and effectively address environmental concerns; In addition to making the entire building more durable without damaging the environment, the energy savings can be substantial and make it a sustainable Strategic advantage.

The LED channel can provide energy-efficient lighting or control heat (e.g., temperature/time) to meet its lighting needs through LED luminaires or other forms. As a result, these issues can be easily and effectively addressed when using LED strip light diffuser – they contribute to environmentally friendly products, better control of cost effectiveness and sustainable models. That’s why we were able to purchase to help implement one of their uses in the application.