This article aims to guide you select suitable your LED Strip Channel.

LED Strip Channels have many kinds of size , color, installation methods and shaped for your choice.
Our LED Strip Channel can be installed in many indoor areas. For example: living room , bedroom, kitchen, offices, meeting room , shop , exhibition show rooms and so on.
Classified in functions, we have aluminum profile for led strip light, led corner light, led stair light , led up down light, led waterproof light, led gypsum wall light and so on.
Classified in installation methods, we have recessed mounted, surface mounted, suspended mounted three different ways.

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Process introduction of LED Channel:
Aluminum profile material: 6063 extruded aluminum material is used, which has strong mechanical performance and is not easy to deform;
The surface is treated by spraying, sandblasting, anodizing and other processes, which is more anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and not easy to wear, with a service life of 5 years;
Design features: simple appearance, wide bracket body design, built-in wiring for easy connection, beautiful appearance, suitable for different places.

As we all known , u shape LED Channel is popular as people, below this 17mm width surface LED Channel is l want to recommend.
Surface Mounted U Shape LED Channels for home deccor idear lighting

Recessed LED Channel called t slot is usually installed in Kitchen lighting channel.
Take your kitchen to a new level! With our #LED Strip Channel you make your kitchen a bit more modern and create a special atmosphere with the lighting of the wall cabinets.

Plaster in LED Aluminum Channel with Flange recessed on ceiling or wall lighting channel.

LED strip channel has two trims that can easier to install the LED profile into concrete for good wall bonding.

LED Strip Channel has three different materials for cover, PC Cover, PMMA Cover and UGR Cover.
Do you know the difference of PC cover,PMMA cover and UGR cover? 3 ways to explain:
1. the warranty time:PC cover is the longest warranty time.PMMA( Acrylic )cover
easy to fragile,but РММА is more beautiful and high- end atmosphere.
2. Absorption in different color: for example for opal color, PC opal cover is bigger
than РММА opal cover. Below different Absorption in different color
PC diffuser cover : 72%
PC opal cover : 69%
PC transparent cover : 88%
PMMA opal cover: 51%
PC Black over : 10%
UGR transparent cover:
3.Glare: UGR cover is the best in glare.
From the cost of 3 covers,PC cover is best in reasonable price and long warranty.We
sell PC diffuser well in our market.

how to select suitable your led channel diffuser 3

Is it necessary to install kitchen LED Strip Channel?

When decorating a kitchen, we often pay too much attention to the setting of the main light source, but forget to assist in the installation of the light source. For those who often cook, the countertops in the operating area are blocked by his shadow, which is very inconvenient to use , In addition, when cutting potatoes and washing dishes, it should be brighter and brighter. If there is an auxiliary light source, it will be very convenient. In addition to the necessary main light source, the auxiliary light source in the restaurant kitchen is also very important.

Among many channel lighting fixtures, the cabinet light strip is an extremely advantageous option, because its light source covers a relatively wide range, the volume is very small and does not take up space, and the strip shape design is very artistic. Compared with it comprehensively, the kitchen LED Strip Channel Belts are a great choice.