LED channel diffusers come in many types and designs to suit different lighting needs and personal preferences. Here are some common LED channel system styles:

Surface-mounted: This style of LED profil light is mounted on a wall, ceiling, or other surface and is usually flat or semicircular in shape to blend in with its surroundings.

Recessed mounting : This style of LED light channel is recessed into surfaces such as walls, floors or furniture for seamless integration and a more discreet installation.

Angular type: The LED channel track of this style is designed in an angular shape, which is suitable for edge lighting, ceiling lighting , oblique lighting or corner lighting, and can provide special lighting effects and decorative effects.

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U-shaped or C-shaped: This style of LED diffuser channel is U-shaped or C-shaped, LED profiles and LED strip channel can be used in cabinets, furniture or display racks to provide surrounding lighting for objects.

Curved type: This type of LED strip mounting channel has flexibility and bending properties, and can be freely bent and formed into different shapes according to needs, suitable for arc, round or special-shaped lighting design.