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LED Strip Diffusers | for Floor Lighting Extrusion Profile

The floor LED profile is also called ground LED channel diffuser, and its' installation method is embedded on the ground surface, adding a beautiful lighting effect to the ground surface. Extrusion LED profiles are used for flexible LED strip light, they are used high-quality LED aluminum profiles, the LED channel with pc diffuser that can protects the lights from being damaged or broken, and LED diffusers also make a more comfortable lighting performance and better appearance, M21-26 model floor LED strip channel is a best choice for you to design indoor lighting , and the installation way is easy.

Big Size Recessed LED Linear Light Profile for Indoor Lights

Extrusion recessed LED profile channel light is used for flexible LED strip, it is in high-quality LED aluminum channel. The LED strip light is protected by heat sink and diffuser. Due to dust and physical contact, LED strip lights are often destroyed and easy to turn yellow . Using an extrusion recessed LED channel heat sink and diffuser can protect the LED strip lights. There are several types of cover: PC opal cover, PC clear cover , Black PC cover the cover is made in Japan , material is polycarbonate. Standard polypropylene end caps, and mounting clip are available as accessories. LED channel system can be widely used in kitchen, the bedroom, the ceiling, the living room, and other rooms in your house, and led strip channel is popular with many people in modern times. Width based on 35mm , High based on 35mm, led profiles have two different installation ways , for example : recessed and suspended mounting.

Recessed LED Strip Light Diffuser for Ceiling Wall Profile

Plaster LED profile has two trims which can easier to install the LED strip channel into concrete for good wall bonding. The LED aluminum channel protect the lights from being damaged or broken. Our M56-15 model LED diffuser surface finished is deal by anodized finish so that can provide the highest level of protection against the environment and inhibits rust and corrosion. LED channels also protect dust and moisture resistant. To enhance the protection of the LED strip and regulate the light diffusion, LED strip mounting channel also offered end caps for enclosing the LED profiles.

LED Channels | with PC Cover Channel Extrusion 90 Angle

Extrusion LED profile 45degree V Shape Triangle LED Aluminum channel Corner LED strip channel with PC diffuser. The aluminum LED profile protect the lights from being damaged or broken , and LED diffuser also makes a more comfortable lighting performance and better appearance so that has a superior appearance so that more and more people prefer LED channel diffusers for LED strips. M16-16 model 45 degree LED profile architecture of the channel swiftly distributes the minimal heat emitted by the LED’s and can easily double the lifetime of the lights. Wide 16mm* High 16mm V-Type Corner LED profiles can be installed in at any corner LED lighting application. The light is directed by the shape of the profile in 45°degree angle Anti-glare to shining youreyes. To enhance the protection of the LED strip and control the light diffusion, LED channeling also offered end caps for enclosing the aluminum LED channels.

Pendant Mount LED Lighting Channel with PC Diffuser Cover

Suspending mounted strip channels attached to the ceiling. the installation of LED aluminum channels created specifically to design and provide space aesthetics, these impactful LED light channels combine cutting edge technology with artistic aesthetics. If the light strip is used alone, LED strip lights are readily damaged and become yellow when exposed to dust and physical touch. The LED strip channel may be better shielded by using M80-75 new design extruded LED channel heat sink and aluminum LED profiles, and LED diffusers also make a more comfortable lighting performance and better appearance.

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