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Silver LED Channel Diffuser for Indoor Cabinet Lighting

Model No M22-15 (Recessed LED Profile)
Dimensions W22.0*H15.0mm
Standard length 1m/2m/3m/pcs
Suitable for led strip PCB width up to 10mm
Material 6063 T5 Aluminum Alloy
Finished color Silver/Black/white
Diffuser material PC/ PMMA
Accessories PC Cover, End caps, Clips
Installation Recessed-Mounted
Standard Package Inner Clear PE bag+Carton Box
Customized Package  Available on request


Product Description

Durable alloy LED profile covers are employed to safeguard flexible strip lights and extrusion LED diffusers of exceptional quality. When used without protection, LED strips are vulnerable to physical wear and tear and dust exposure, which can cause discoloration and damage. The use of extruded LED channel heat sinks and aluminum LED channels, along with end caps, can provide adequate shielding for LED strips and prevent dust infiltration, ensuring their longevity.

Recessed LED profiles are a popular choice for illuminating various spaces, including kitchen cabinets, living rooms, and bedrooms, due to their appealing aesthetics and superior lighting quality. LED linear recessed lighting is increasingly favored by individuals seeking LED strip channel diffusers, which offer optimal protection and an attractive appearance.


LED Strip Channel Features

1. Designed to accommodate both flexible LED strips and rigid bars.
2. Made from 6063 aluminum alloy, ensuring excellent heat dissipation for the LED channels.
3. Protects delicate LED strip lights from dust and physical damage.
4. Produces anti-glare lighting with a softened output, thanks to the LED strip channel.
5. The high-quality alloy profile offers reliable protection for the LED strip.
6. Effortless installation of the LED profiles using a PC cover, end cap, and clip.
7. The LED channel diffuser is treated with an anodized finish for superior protection of the LED strip.

Application Scenes

● LED profiles for office lighting
● LED lighting for meeting rooms
● LED strip light channels for supermarket decoration
● LED diffuser lighting for exhibition showrooms


Advantages of extrusion

1. The extrusion method has great production flexibility, and LED channeling with different shapes and sizes can be produced only by changing the mold.
2. Short mold replacement time, high production efficiency,
3. The dimensional accuracy of extruded aluminum LED profile is far better than that of rolling and die forging, and the surface roughness is better.
4. The mechanical properties of the extruded aluminum LED channels are good, and the extrusion effect is that the longitudinal properties of the products after quenching or aging are higher than those of rolling and die forging.

Standard Length &Customized length

Our standard recessed LED strip lighting channel comes in lengths of 1m, 2m, and 3m per piece. However, we also offer customized lengths to suit your specific needs. Additionally, our accessories include PC covers, end caps, and clips. We can also cut the channel to the exact length that you require.


How to install the LED channel?

1. Click the PC Cover
2.Push in the cover in the end
3.Enclosed the end cap
4.Mount clip on the LED light strip channel

LED Diffuser Video


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