The LED profile is an important part of lighting fixtures and has become an indispensable part of daily life. The LED profile has strong heat dissipation, long life, and is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Therefore, more and more designers are using aluminum LED channel for decorative light sources. Currently the most popular LED strip diffuser – aluminum LED channel, is a new environmentally friendly energy-saving material, in the lighting fixture industry to occupy a place, the following we will look at this LED lights diffuser product is what exactly? What is the charm of it can so many people favor it?

  1. LED aluminum profile surface treatment, through oxidation, spraying and other ways can be obtained in different colors.

The surface treatment of the LED aluminum profile is made by spraying, painting, baking, or laminating to give it a specific color. The production of the LED aluminum profile has a variety of options in terms of appearance, different thicknesses of LED channels, and different colors of materials processed into various shapes, by our naked eye can be seen at a glance. This is a new type of LED light channel, made of specially coated aluminum alloy extruded at high temperatures. The main material is 304 and 316, and another high-quality alloy system, as well as a variety of colors that can meet the needs of different designers. And after oxidation treatment, spraying can get high color and feel fine; can effectively prevent rust and acid and alkali corrosion resistance and other characteristics. And LED aluminum channel also has good thermal performance, low temperature resistance is also very good; in the special environment can be a corrosion-resistant treatment, to extend the service life. The LED aluminum channel can be widely used in indoor and outdoor decorative lighting projects.

  1. LED aluminum channel does not contain heavy metals (especially PAG), and no pollution.

What are the advantages of this LED aluminum channel? First of all, LED aluminum channel does not contain heavy metals (especially PAG), and it is an environmentally friendly and non-polluting product. Because of the use of the aluminum LED channel, so the process of surface treatment will be used for some special raw materials. For example oxidation (fluorocarbon) will produce a large number of black oxide, this material is harmful to humans. But because this component is easily soluble in water, so basically will not cause any harm or harm to humans. At the same time, this material does not produce toxic fumes and harmful gases in the combustion process, no pollution to the environment, and has a high environmental value. Secondly, when aluminum is used as aluminum LED channel, it is easy to be oxidized, and it is not easy to be cleaned and other problems. Therefore, aluminum LED channel is usually used in the protective cover of LED lamps, but LED lamps have requirements for oxidation. The more powerful oxidation may cause more damage to the device.

  1. Aluminum channel for led green, no waste gas, or wastewater emissions.

This is an alloy material composed of aluminum, copper, zinc and other alloys, which does not release toxic and harmful gases during combustion, and is completely harmless, harmless to humans, green and environmentally friendly. There is no smell, no dust and no harmful gas emission in the process of use, so there is no waste gas and waste water emission and no pollution to the environment. Also this is one of the most important advantages of LED strip lights. Aluminum LED channels extrusion molding light skeleton does not contain benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, in line with EU standards.


  1. Good flame retardant performance, flame retardant, safe and reliable non-combustible.

Because aluminum LED channels have good electrical insulation properties, so to a large extent can resist flame and other physical damage, which is very important to extend the service life of the lamps and lanterns. Many customers in the purchase of lamps and led light strip diffuser material, will ask: light strip installed in the room will not burn? The answer of course know. The biggest problem with the light strip is that the line does not burn completely, and in the combustion process will produce a lot of burning when a lot of toxic fumes. LED aluminium profile not only will not burn but also has good fire performance to make the product more safe and more reliable. LED aluminium profile is flame retardant to combustible materials, such as the conditions LED aluminum channel system can also If there are conditions LED aluminum channel system can also play an effective barrier role, so as to avoid the risk of fire, is currently safe, reliable, environmentally friendly energy-saving products.

  1. LED aluminum channel system has good weather resistance.

The weather resistance of LED aluminum channel system is very strong, in a variety of environments can remain unfaded, will not be eroded by the erosion of color fading, and also be resistant to ultraviolet radiation. If exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time (under direct sunlight), it can keep its color for a long time; it will not fade under ultraviolet radiation; it will not degrade due to ultraviolet radiation; it will not make a protective film on the glass surface. At the same time, it can prevent the corrosion of aluminum LED strip channel surface by light, which can effectively prolong its service life. The surface of the aluminum profile can be repainted and can be used for outdoor surface beautification. Aluminum has good plasticity and toughness, can be processed in many directions, can produce a variety of complex shapes, and has aluminum LED extrusion profiles life of up to 12 years / 200 h (3-5 years), while suitable for a variety of applications. It is widely used in the field of decoration materials or home decoration in the field of lamp production centers, various decorative materials, etc.